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ECE Shows Support for Community at Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Date Published: April 30, 2014

Picture #8 of this album Two children of ECE student Ryan McCall hold a specially made sign, signed by the ECE Department, for their brother participating in the 2014 Special Olympics opening ceremonies on April 22nd. Jerri Price, Nikki Redman, Stephanie LaClair, Oksana Kyper and office assistants SaQuoya Addison and Alisha Parker of the ECE Department attended the opening ceremonies to aid in Operation Fill the Stands in support of the 1,200 Mecklenburg County students participating in the event. Last year’s ceremonies had less than 20 supporters in the stands at Bojangles Arena. The College of Engineering called upon faculty and staff to attend and this year’s supporters totaled roughly 400. Ryan's son, Ben, is participating in this year's Special Olympics for Meckenburg County. His family was very grateful for the larger crowd this year and says that they are hanging the ECE sign in Ben's room after the games are condluded.