Research Areas

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department's main areas of research are as follows:

  • Communication, Control, and Signal Processing - Active research areas include wireless communications and networking, communications traffic modeling, pattern recognition, computer vision, medical and natural image processing, field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), spacecraft and aircraft controls, fuzzy logic control, multivariable controls, optimal controls, and nonlinear controls.
  • Devices, Circuits and Systems - Active research areas include computer-generated holography, fiber-optic sensors, laser and detector design, optical and optoelectronic networks, optical image processing, optical interconnects for multichip modules, optical systems, and optoelectronic material science. 
  • Energy and Sustainability - Active research projects include quantum devices, integrated force arrays, materials for submicron lithography, vacuum microelectronics, radiation hardened devices, analysis and measurement of interface traps, packaging and systems integration, and device modeling. 
  • High Performance Embedded Computing- Active research projects include CAD for VLSI applications including logic synthesis and physical design, design-for-testability, test generation, fault tolerance, parallel computer architectures, biotelemetry instrumentation, embedded systems and robotics, embedded computing and architectures, Real-time OS, reconfigurable computing, multicore computing, digital VLSI, analog mix signal and RF Electronic circuit design.
  • Power Systems - Active research areas include power systems, electromechanics, robotics, economic operation of power systems, electromechanical systems and drives, industrial robotics systems, and microelectromechanical systems.