Computer Systems

Computer Systems

Active research projects include embedded systems and robotics, embedded computing and architectures, hardware security, hardware/software co-design, real-time OS, reconfigurable computing, multicore computing, digital VLSI, Big Data, embedded mobile computing, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, heterogeneous many-core architecture.

Graduate Faculty:

  • Conrad
  • Mukherjee
  • Ravindran
  • Saqib
  • Sass
  • Tabkhi

Depending on interest, graduate students with interests in computer systems processing typically make primary course selections from the following list. For a complete listing of available courses, students are advised to consult the 3-year course availability list.

Computer Architecture and Hardware:

  • ECGR 5181: Computer Architecture
  • ECGR 5146: Intro to VHDL
  • ECGR 6146/8146: Advanced VHDL
  • ECGR 5133: VLSI Systems Design
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Heterogeneous Computing
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Reconfigurable Computing
  • ECGR 5090: Special Topics: Hardware Security and Trust

Systems and Application Software:

  • ECGR 5101: Embedded Systems
  • ECGR 6185/8185: Advanced Embedded Systems Design
  • ECGR 6181/8181: Embedded Operating Systems
  • ECGR 5090/6090:Special Topics: Big Data and Mobile Devices
  • ECGR 5090/6090: Special Topics: Advanced Embedded OS
  • ECGR 5090/6090: Special Topics: Research Tools & Tech in Comp Eng
  • ECGR 5124: Digital Signal Processing
  • ECGR 5103: Applied Computer Graphics
  • ECGR 6119/8119: Applied Artificial Intelligence

Distributed and Real-Time Systems:

  • ECGR 5187: Data Communications and Networking-II
  • ECGR 5090: Special Topics: Internet of Things
  • ECGR 5090: Special Topics: Advanced Internet of Things
  • ECGR 5196: Intro to Robotics
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Mobile Robot Sensing, Mapping, and Exploration
  • ECGR 6120/8120: Wireless Communications
  • ECGR 6188/8188: Fundamentals of Wireless Systems and Protocols
  • ECGR 6189/8189: Wireless Sensor Networks