Airborne Wireless Edge Computing Network

Dr. Tao Han
Research Highlight

UAV-aided communications have been widely recognized by both industries and academia as an emerging technique to enhance current networking infrastructure in 5G and beyond. In this project, Dr. Han with his collaborators, Dr. Drs. Yu Wang (Temple University) and Pu Wang (UNC-Charlotte) aims to an innovative robust 3D airborne computing and networking system, AirEdge, that exploits a swarm of aerial mobile radio access points and edge servers carried or deployed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The unique feature of AirEdge is to enable fast-deployable highly-efficient on-demand edge computing and networking services through (1) the communication-motion co-design principles for 3D UAV networking, and (2) the communication-computation co-design to enable reliable and energy-efficient airborne edge computing. AirEdge has great potentials to promise fast-deployable on-demand durable edge computing services beyond traditional networking services and will enable a series of transformative applications in the areas of disaster rescue,  public safety,  anti-terrorism, battlefield assistance, and mobile entertainment. Drs. Han and Wang's research is supported by a new $333K research grant sponsored by the NSF.