Dr. Andrew Willis wins College of Engineering Graduate Teaching Excellence Award

Teaching Excellence
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Andrew Willis, Associate Professor of ECE, won the 2018 College of Engineering’s Graduate Teaching Excellence Award. Dr. Willis teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the general area of signal and image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition. His teaching philosophy is based on providing “lasting intellectual value”, which can be theory, implementation, or both. He believes in providing a rationale for how, what, and why to elevate the learning context. His students regard him as a teacher who likes to challenge his students and serves as their guide to overcome them. They find his classes to be challenging and interesting at the same time.  His devotion to teaching is highlighted in his statement “Ultimately, I take from teaching at least as much as I give.” Dr. Willis has recently accepted the role of ECE’s Associate Chair of the Electrical Engineering Program, starting January 2019.