Pedestrian Safe and Secure Communities with Ambient Machine Vision

Dr. Hamed Tabkhivayghan
Research Highlight

This project led by Dr. Hamed Tabkhivayghan, is in cooperation with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg counties addresses community challenges of pedestrian safety and community policing, building on advances in cyber-physical systems (CPS). As communities adopt technologies such as vision-based traffic cameras and smart traffic signs at intersections, the data from these technologies possess traces of the activity within a community of which a few might need a response because of risk to individual and public safety or suggest a local police response.  Such technologies may provide a more accurate community-wide operational picture.  With this data, communities can have a better understanding of itself and within established law and custom will better serve and protect individuals and the public at large.  This grant will enable community planners, local government, and businesses along with technologists, urban planners and traffic engineers to explore the potential of these emerging technologies for improving the quality of life of a community.

Others involved in the project are Dr. Arun Ravindran of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Shannon Reid of Criminal Justice and Criminology, and Dr. Srinivas Pulugurtha of Civil and Environmental Engineering.