Advising Procedures


Advising in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is differentiated by voluntary advising throughout the academic year, mandatory advising during the preregistration period, and mentoring at anytime as requested by the student.

Voluntary Advising

Voluntary advising occurs when the student does not have an advising hold originating from the ECE Department. Advising sessions can be arranged in CONNECT or conducted during your advisor's office hours. Academic plans of study should be updated and uploaded to Connect prior to all advising meetings. 

Preregistration Advising

Each student in the College of Engineering is required to attend advising in order to register for the following semester. Preregistration Advising occurs a few weeks before registration opens for the following semester. These occur in the fall and spring semesters in two forms; group advising and individual advising. Academic plans of study should be updated and uploaded to Connect prior to pre-registration advising meetings. 

Note: All students will receive email notifications with instruction on (a) if they should attend group advising or individual advising, (b) how to schedule their advising appointment for either case.

Group Advising

Individual Advising

A student's advising hold will not be removed until all advising requirements have been completed. For additional information and instructions for advising and registration.