Advising Responsibilities


Student Responsibilities

  • Initiate contact with your advisor. Talk to your advisor about any commitments you have which might affect your academic performance
  • Learn and understand the requirements of your major and/or minor, including general education and concentrations
  • Fulfill the pre-registration advising requirements each semester during your enrollment at UNC Charlotte. The mandatory requirements to lift your advising hold include acknowledgment of the COE Progression Requirements and submission of a complete academic plan.
  • Understand the role of academic advisors versus faculty mentors
  • Maintain contact with your advisor and seek assistance from a faculty mentor whenever the need arises
  • Be able to reference the catalog for relevant information, such as degree requirements, university and college policies, and course descriptions
  • Read UNC Charlotte email. This is the official means of communication with students
  • Keep your student record up to date (e.g., change of address, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Be able to calculate your current cumulative and major grade point average (GPA):
  • Observe dates and deadlines on the academic calendar (e.g., add/drop, withdrawal, and graduation)

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Listen and respond to student interests and concerns
  • Be accessible and responsive to student inquiries
  • Understand and communicate degree requirements, as well as college and university policies and procedures
  • Provide encouragement and support as students establish and progress toward academic and professional goals
  • Respect student privacy and maintain confidentiality (FERPA)
  • Recognize that students may belong to one or more student populations and coordinate advising accordingly
  • Direct students to information and resources, within the college and university
  • Assist students in working closely with professors
  • Make suggestions for academic enrichment such as research opportunities, internships, and experiential learning