Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering embodies the science and technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computer systems and computer-controlled equipment.  Sub-specialties include microprocessor design, hardware-software integration, circuit design and the incorporation of computers into larger engineering systems.

Computer Engineering - Degree Requirements

The following plan of study became effective for all students entering under the Fall 2016 program and thereafter. Standing Seniors* who entered the program prior to Fall 2016 and have decided to follow the old curriculum should consult earlier versions of the UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Catalog available online or contact the ECE department.

The degree requirements are:

English 6
Liberal Studies 12
Mathematics 21
Physics 8
Chemistry 4
Engineering 5
Economics 3
Computer Engineering Requirements 50
Depth Elective Requirements**** 9
Technical Elective Requirements**** 9



****For the Technical Elective Requirement, students should choose:

  • Two courses (6 credit hours) from any 4000 level or higher ECGR course (can NOT be required in your curriculum)
  • One course (3 credit hours) may be chosen from any 3000 level or higher ECGR, MATH, PHYS, or ITCS course that is not a Computer Engineering degree requirement.

****For the Depth Elective Requirement, choose three courses (9 credit hours) from the list below:

  • ECGR 3090 Special Topics (approved case-by-case)
  • ECGR 3112 System Analysis II
  • ECGR 4090 Special Topics (approved case-by-case)
  • ECGR 4101 Advanced Embedded Systems
  • ECGR 4103 Applied Computer Graphics
  • ECGR 4111 Control Systems Theory I
  • ECGR 4112 Control Systems Theory II
  • ECGR 4123 Analog/Digit Communication
  • ECGR 4131 Linear Integrated Electronics (Spring 2017 is the last semester that this course will be accepted)
  • ECGR 4146 Introduction to VHDL
  • ECGR 4161 Introduction to Robotics
  • ECGR 4181 Computer Arithmetic
  • ECGR 4187 Data Communications
  • ECGR 4422 Random Processes
  • ECGR 4433 VLSI Systems Design
  • ITCS 2214 Data Structures (Spring 2017 is the last semester that this course will be accepted)

Note: All non-elective freshmen year courses must be completed with C or better prior to enrolling in any junior level courses.

Computer Engineering Plan of Study Outline

The above electives became effective for all students entering the program under the Fall 2016 curriculum and thereafter.

Dual Major and Degree Options


  • (Currently under revision, please contact Ms. Jerena McNeil to find out the requirements for the CpE minor)