Computer Engineering: Depth Electives

For the Technical Elective Requirement, students should choose:

  • Two courses (6 credit hours) from any 4000 level or higher ECGR course (can NOT be required in your curriculum)
  • One course (3 credit hours) may be chosen from any 3000 level or higher ECGR, MATH, PHYS, or ITCS course that is not a Computer Engineering degree requirement.

****For the Depth Elective Requirement, choose three courses (9 credit hours) from the list below:

  • ECGR 3090 Special Topics (approved case-by-case)
  • ECGR 3112 System Analysis II
  • ECGR 4090 Special Topics (approved case-by-case)
  • ECGR 4101 Advanced Embedded Systems
  • ECGR 4103 Applied Computer Graphics
  • ECGR 4111 Control Systems Theory I
  • ECGR 4112 Control Systems Theory II
  • ECGR 4123 Analog/Digit Communication
  • ECGR 4131 Linear Integrated Electronics (Spring 2017 is the last semester that this course will be accepted)
  • ECGR 4146 Introduction to VHDL
  • ECGR 4161 Introduction to Robotics
  • ECGR 4181 Computer Arithmetic
  • ECGR 4187 Data Communications
  • ECGR 4422 Random Processes
  • ECGR 4433 VLSI Systems Design
  • ITCS 2214 Data Structures (Spring 2017 is the last semester that this course will be accepted)

Note: All non-elective freshmen year courses must be completed with C or better prior to enrolling in any junior level courses.