Safety, Rules & Regulations

Laboratory Safety

Safety Glasses must be worn at all times while in labs in EPIC 2130, EPIC 2140, EPIC 2142, EPIC 2148 & EPIC 2236.

Students must read and follow these Lab Safety Rules


Undergraduate laboratory courses in the ECE department at UNC Charlotte are comprised of ten three-hours hands-on sessions and a practical examination. Students are required to attend and participate in every scheduled lab session. Students more than 30 minutes late are considered absent.

Make-up Arrangements

There will, of course, be times when students miss class or are late for a good reason (illness, accident, etc.). In the case of these events, students must contact the TA for make-up arrangements and for permission to submit assignments late without penalty.

Switching Sections

Students will not be allowed to sign up for one section and attend another. Only under special circumstances and with the approval of Dr. Rodriguez and the lab TAs involved will any variation of the normal registration be considered. If for good reason a student misses a lab, or makes a reasonable request in advance of the class meeting, it is permissible for the student to do the lab in a different section during the week. If make-up arrangements are made during the same week, the lab report will be due at the student’s normal scheduled time.

Grading Policy

Lab reports are submitted and graded online using Canvas. Please check Canvas for your section schedule. Please read the grading policy available on this link.

Academic Integrity

Students work together in the laboratory to build circuits and measure data. Except for discussion and the sharing of data among lab partners, collaboration ends when the lab session is over. Students must work independently to write their own pre-lab exercises and reports. There must be no copying of student-generated text, tables, charts or graphs. Use of text copied from Internet sources, e.g., Wikipedia is strictly forbidden. Raw data aside, any duplicate work submitted will be viewed as cheating, and will result in disciplinary action according to university policy. The penalty for a first offense can range from a formal warning to an F for the course. Regardless of the penalty imposed, a record of the offense will be kept for eight years in the Office of the Dean of Students.

Plagiarism Checking – VeriCite

Laboratory reports may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to VeriCite for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted reports will be included as source documents in the VeriCite reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such reports. No student reports will be submitted to VeriCite without a student’s written consent and permission. If a student does not provide such written consent and permission, plagiarism checking will be accomplished by other means.

The VeriCite Consent Form can be found here

Religious Holidays - University Policy

Students wishing to be excused from classes for religious holidays must submit a Request for Religious Accommodation Form before the census date.